Cedar Tree Therapy focuses on the treatment of anxiety and depression for teens & adults.

Cedar Tree Therapy in Whitby, Ontario is dedicated to serving individuals and their families experiencing mental health challenges. Evidence based treatment and assessment methods ensure that you and your family is receiving the highest quality of care. Cedar Tree therapy offers structured psychotherapy for individuals that are seeking support. Read more about our services here:

Are you wondering how to get help with anxiety or depression?

The treatment of anxiety and depression is the focus at Cedar Tree Therapy. The therapy process will cultivate understanding of your unique needs and help you learn the skills to live a life of meaning and joy. Therapists offer support and guidance to understand your unique emotional, social and biological needs and work to create a treatment plan that will be effective for you. Read more about the clients we serve here:

Cedar Tree Therapy has a passion for mental health.

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A cedar tree symbolizes resilience.


A cedar tree symbolizes resilience.

Cedar trees stay green even through the coldest winters. At Cedar tree therapy, our mission is to guide you in developing independence, belonging, meaning and mastery to create a life worth living.